Massage for females at your own place in Lahore


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massage service for females and coouple only in lahore

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welcome to massage for female`s blog

your search ends here!

let us know !

we r providing


relaxing massage- healthy massage- beauty massage- yoni massage- back massage- front massage

chest massage - soapy massage - body to body massage- pain relief massage-chinese massage-foot massage--erotic massage-neck massage-deep tissue massage at your own place or we also can arrange place if you have dont have place

and every kind of massage



Benefits of Massage


Massage actually means stimulating the tissues of the body with the hands, in order to promote health and rejuvenation to the entire body. Pamper your body with a refreshing massage experience.


Human touch can have a healing and energizing power for the body and massage oils leave the skin soft and smooth. Besides their pleasant feelings. However, after massage, it is advisable to take a relaxing bath to wash off the oil from your body. Water will also aid the skin pores to open up thus promoting a better absorption of the massage oil into your skin. Let’s see the major health benefits of a relaxing oil massage.


Reduces Stress

Massage is a wonderful way to relieve the stress and the tension that has accumulated in your body during a tiring day. Helping you to relax and get rid of negative thoughts that provoke stress. The gentle, caring touches performed during the massage, help you to heal and regain your spiritual and emotional balance.


Promotes Better Blood Circulation

One of the most important benefits of massage is that it improves blood circulation and at the same time helps to decrease blood pressure which is a major factor for people that suffer from problems related to hypertension.


Improves Sleep

A wonderful massage relaxes your body and promotes a better sleep for days. Many people suffering from various sleep disorders have noticed an improvement in their sleeping habits after a relaxing massage therapy. Massages induce mental and spiritual healing, therefore many people have experienced a deeper and more restful sleep.


Types of Massage

1.Basic/Deep relaxing massage

2.Half Body/Full Body Massage

3.Shoulder Massage

4.Belly Massage

5.Back Massage

6.Buttocks Massage

7.Thighs/Legs Massage

8.Foot Massage

9.Breast Massage (Breast Enlargements also available without any Medications)

* Each massage duration is 90 mins

i am intelligent expert educated decent full trained innocent honest

respectable & very friendly very openminded easy going 23 year old massager 

 dont worry about any thing else you can contact with me with total trust and

every that service which you wish tell us your requirements before booking

we ensure you enjoy our company and are able to communicate with us effectively.

within very affordable rates


 why you late and after this what you looking for?

 30 minute massage cost is 1000 rupees 

60 minute massage session cost is 1500

one 120 minute massage  total cost is 2000 for next 20 days this is an offer

after next 20 days total cost is 3000

so hurry up clients dont waste your time

 if you come to our  place then 500 extra for place rent ( bcos place owner demand 500 per hour)

and you avail our service at your place then 500 less on 60 minute massage service or higher  

a bigger thing is secrecy which is our aim

these all services will be provides at your own door step

and only in lahore not any other city

hundreds of couples and females using our service

you can use too

we know every female love and like to avail these service but she shy that what

will be happend, dont worry about that our clients secrecy is our big aim

and your every thing will be safe and secured come on hurry up dont waste your time

pick up the phone and

feel free to contact

 we r working since 2009 and dont worry about anything

Benefits of Massage – for the couple


Deeper intimacy, connection, and love

Widening the range of shared sexual activity

Better communication and understanding

dont hesitate while you contacting us


[email protected]


(1) you dont shy during massage session

massage timing will be30minute 60 minute or 120 minute or i80 minute it depend

on you which service you required daily massage service is also available

(2)rupees must be paid by customer when our massager reached your place after recieving rupees massage will be start

(3)male escort service is also available

(4)you must will be book our service 1 or 2 day before massage

(5)before booking tell us your requirements what types of massage services you want to avail

(5)you can avail 3 staff at a time for 6 hand amazing massage you feel yourself in heaven

(6)this service is only for lahore and only for females in any age 

Once you will avail our service you will never go anywhere

                                      we respect our clients

this is a one agency who provide her service at your own dooor step if you have not place dont worry we can arrange



sir ALI

[email protected]

[email protected]

Please contact fro more details and booking through chat/SMS/Call.  0321-8874402

 some extra services u can get also ! 


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